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Pacific Star Terms and Conditions

1. 50% deposit required to hold reservation, 3% will be charged if using a credit card. Balance is due 15 days prior to departure, if a credit card is used for the deposit it will automatically be charged for the balance due (15 day period) 1A. If using the online reservation system it will charge 100% of the ticket price automatically.

2. We reserve the right to overbook our trips by one person.

3. Alcoholic beverages and ice chests with food or drink are not permitted.

4. Illegal drugs, firearms, or explosives of any kind are not allowed. We reserve the right to refuse passage to any person that appears to be under the influence of drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol. Passengers are subject to being searched before entering the boat.

5. Due to possible increase in fuel prices, a fuel surcharge may be charged on every trip.

6. Meal, gratuities, rental tackle, and mexican permits are not included unless otherwise stated.

7. We usually catch fish but we do not guarantee that we will catch any fish. We do not issue rain checks for slow fishing.

8. Cancellation policy: NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR BAD WEATHER (unless the Captain cancels the trip) NO SHOWS, PERSONAL EMERGENCIES OR LATE ARRIVALS, will be subject to full price of the trip. Due to the fact the we sell out most of our trips well in advance there is a 90 day cancellation period.

9. All passengers will be required to have photo I.D. (Driver's license or passport). 10. There are many inherent risks, dangers and hazards aboard a fishing vessel, you must exercise caution at all times. Examples of these risks include, without limitation: (a) walking and standing on surfaces that may be wet, slippery, moving, irregular, unstable and rough. (b) Open areas such as hatches that someone could fall into. (c) low or irregular lighting, or no lighting at all; (d) objects and equipment that could fall on someone; (e) low ceilings; (f) ropes, chains, or other items that could strike or entangle someone; (g) extreme and variable physical weather and ocean conditions, including darkness, sun glare, hot & cold temperatures; (h) vessel, docks, buildings, ladders and stairs that someone could fall from; (i) vessels that could pitch, roll, capsize, flood, collide and sink; (j) gaps between a vessel and dock that could open or close suddenly and unpredictably; (k) unavailability of medical attention and treatment, please do not come out fishing with us if you have a severe or on going medical condition, i.e heart, stroke etc. we may not be able to get you help in time to save your life. By checking the box you shall be deemed to have read and understood the information and waive all claims against the Pacific Star LLC owners, officers, and employees and that this information will be relayed to any passenger either invited or paying to be on your trip. In the event the charter cannot be completed due to causes beyond our control i.e. acts of god, weather, war, or strike, or a trip is not completed because of the wishes if the majority on board, Pacific Star shall have no liability to passengers, and shall not be required to reimburse said participants.